Introduction to QGIS for GIS experts

Learn to use QGIS, the fully capable desktop GIS to produce, manipulate, analyze and visualize geospatial data.


Johdanto paikkatietojen perusteisiin ja paikkatieto-ohjelmisto QGIS:n käyttöön

Tutustu paikkatietoon ja opi käyttämään paikkatieto-ohjelmisto QGIS:sia


Migrating from QGIS 2 to the new QGIS 3

Learn to use the new and shiny QGIS 3 with lectures and exercises on the new features and software upgrades.


Introduction to Spatial Databases (PostGIS)

In this upcoming course, you’ll learn the basic concepts about the use and utility of spatial databases and particularly you’ll dive into PostGIS, the spatial extension for PostgreSQL.


Introduction to Geospatial Servers (GeoServer)

After this course, you’ll have the basic knowledge and know-how to use GeoServer and manage the basic and some advanced tasks for sharing your geospatial data with it.


Introducción a QGIS para expertos SIG

Aprenda manejar QGIS para manipular, analizar y visualizar datos geoespaciales.