QGIS 3 tutuksi (esirekisteröidy pian julkaistavalle kurssille!)

Opi käyttämään QGIS:n upouuttaa 3.4-versiota, joka tuo QGIS:n käyttäjille uusia toiminnallisuuksia suoritustehon lisäksi.


Introduction to Geographic Information and Geospatial Technologies

During this course, you'll learn the basics of geographic information and geospatial technologies. After the course, you'll also start to understand the basic concepts related to Geographic Information Systems (GIS).


Intro to Open Source Geospatial Software tools

A crash course on potentiality and utilization of Open Source Geospatial Software tools, such as QGIS, PostGIS and GeoServer.


Migrating from QGIS 2 to the new QGIS 3

Learn to use the new and shiny QGIS 3 with lectures and exercises on the new features and software upgrades.