Course curriculum

  • 01

    1) Introduction to Open Source Technology

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    • Welcoming words and guideline
    • Diving into the potentiality in open source geospatial software
    • Geospatial data for the exercises
    • Install the software on your computer
  • 02

    2) Visualize geospatial data in QGIS

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    • How-to: Get some geospatial data into QGIS and make a visualization!
    • Additional exercise: get a 3D-view!
  • 03

    3) You spatial databases for analyzing data

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    • Analyze some geospatial dati in a spatial database environment (PostGIS)
  • 04

    4) Share forward your GIS data with GeoServer

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    • Server-side setup for sharing standard-based GIS data services
  • 05


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    • Wrapping up
    • Feedback: was this crash-course useful for you?