Course curriculum

  • 01


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    • Course materials and software
    • Before we begin...
  • 02

    1) Maps solving the world

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    • Real-world problem solving with geospatial datasets
    • What kind of problems could you solve with geographical information in your work or sector?
  • 03

    2) Basics: What is geographical information?

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    • Principles on geographic information
    • How-to: Let's take a closer view of geographical information data
    • Geographic information types
    • Vectors and rasters - drag and drop exercise
    • Test: What is geographic information?
  • 04

    3) How-to: look into some spatial datasets

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    • Rivers on a map!
    • Load and preview an elevation model from Mexico
    • Basemaps with their layered map information
    • Raw data behind the maps
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    4) Building further our understanding on geographical information

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    • Projections and coordinate systems
    • Most familiar coordinate systems
    • Understand coordinate reference system via comics
    • Read more: Map projections
    • Datasets - what data are the spatial data formats?
    • Most common vector file formats
    • "The Excel-data attached to geographic information"
    • Exercise: "Coordinates with a spreadsheet"
    • Geographical information analysis
    • Exercise: Map your favorite place!
  • 06

    Read more: Geospatial software and Open data projects

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    • Open data services
    • Open source
  • 07


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    • What did we actually learn?
    • Read more: Applications utilizing maps and geographical information
    • Feedback